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 In order to return the long term's strongly support of all customers,the MDF will host a activity of the 10% reward.  

When the customer activates his trading account ,he can get a 10% bonus rewards if the single funding of his account is greater than or equal to 50$.

Beginning with this activity, the bonus rewards is only transferred to the balance of  customer's account when the number of trades meets the requirements,and the earlier transfer is abandoned.

The customer can check the bonus and requested number in the individual page of their own accounts .

【Activity time】 

the activity plans to begin in 1st 11, 2017(Beijing Time),and the closing date is 30th 11.

【eligibility for the activity】

1、Register your account during the activity time , and the single funding of the account is greater than or equal to 50$.

2、For regular customers , you need to register a additional account and obey the above rule.

3、The type of registered account is the 10% bonus's account.

4、The rates of bonus is 10% , and the upper limit is 10,000$.The trading number in three months requires that bonus is the quarter of the upper limit , and the postions of  transaction orders is greater than or equal to 1min.      

【Activity rules】

1、To participate in activities, customers need to open new accounts or new accounts; need to open an account type: 10% gift account;

2、Transfers between the accounts of the same name may be calculated as new funds. The activity is for a single client, and the individual account entry is more than or equal to $50;

3、The gift is given in proportion to the amount of the gold in one or more than 50 dollars;

4、The proportion of bonus: 10% bonus ceiling of $10000, trading volume 3 months required size: bonus amount of *0.25, the statistical position time is greater than or equal to the number of minutes it a single-phase transaction;

5、Now, slowly bonus reward only in rich foreign customers meet trade size requirements, through grants to balance into account, cancel the advance into customer accounts; customers can query the personal portal center grants credits and grants the required number of trades;

6、How to calculate the trading time:the cycle of trading number shall take effect upon the first funding of Client's account,and the deadline is setted after three months.

7、In the three months , the beginning time is based on the first funding of your account if the account has many trades .And you can apply for the bonus when the total trading number meet the requirement or be invalid. 

8、The number of CFD differential product’s trading cannot be counted.

9、If your trading number doesn’t meet the requirement in the three months, the number for bonus is invalid and we will reset it.  

10、Customer can deposit their funding freely in this three months. Customer only withdraws the bonus at once and the bonus canot be withdrawn by several times.

11、If customers meet the above requirement , they can withdraws the bonus in their individual page after three mouths.

The period of validity of withdrawing the bonus is 15 days.if customers don’t apply for their bonus beyond the period, the MDF will not compensate them for their loss.

12、The MDf has the right to cancel the bonus for some people who want to break or fail to comply with this ativity’s rules.

13、The MDF reserves the right to amend, suspend, terminate or interpret this activity’s rules. 

14、All notice of any modification or termination shall be subject to the notice of the MDF’s foundation.

【Process activity】

1、The customers need to login to the official website(It is recommended to empty the browser cookie)

2、The customers need to open a account and their deposit meets the requirement.

3、The customer can apply for their bonus when they meet the required trading number . After approved for the bonus, customers can continue the next step.

The MDF Foundation has the final interpretation of the terms involved in this activity.

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